Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Robin with guests in Marisa Cristiana [Adrienne Martin] Four of the twelve Venetian boats present [Adrienne Martin]

Beale Park Boat Show

Approaching Cadogan Pier (from BBC coverage) Rowing past the Queen (from BBC coverage) Querini - la disdotona (from BBC coverage) Settemari - la diesona (from BBC coverage) City Barge - Nicolotta (from BBC coverage) After Tower Bridge (from BBC coverage)

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames

Waiting for the gun Dodesona (Padova) The view after Mazzorbo Madonna del Monte Caorlinas Cannaregio [Mr Kyvin Sant] Cannaregio Cannaregio Sylvia Cannaregio Ponte delle Guglie From the Accademia Bridge [Victoria Helby] Approaching La Salute [Victoria Helby] Going home - Sandro Grand Canal Going home - Sylvia and Sandro Mussìn Diesona

The 38th Vogalonga

Il ponte del diavolo

To Torcello for lunch

Bacino di San Marco La Serenissima Waiting in the bacino San Marco At La Salute [Nereo Zane]

Il sposalizio al mar

Adrienne and Sandro Adrienne Adrienne and Sandro Adrienne and Sandro

A rowing lesson with Sandro

Leaving Kings Sutton Lock Richard Regalo at Aynho Tony Regalo Rain turned ... ... to sunshine Allegra Leaving Somerton Deep Lock [Richard Bailey]

Regalo leaving Allen's Lock Allegra leaving Allen's Lock Anzolo Rafael and Elsa at Allen's Lock Anzolo Rafael and Elsa [Richard Bailey] Adrienne at Somerton Deep Lock Allegra and Elsa Allegra and Elsa at Twyford Wharf Regalo leaving Twyford Wharf Narrow Boats on the way home [Richard Bailey]

Oxford Canal, Cropredy to Lower Heyford

Foggy Morn [Richard Bailey] Tim being launched with Nicolotta Nicolotta [Miranda Phillimore] Marisa [Miranda Phillimore] Nicolotta and Marisa [Miranda Phillimore]

Trial for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant


Voga alla Veneta








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