Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Launching at Allington Allington Castle


Upper Barnwell Lock Wadenhoe Lock with the King's Head in the distance

Rowing to lunch at the Chequered Skipper

River Nene

Assembly of the procession Francesca and Marialuisa Dispersing after the ceremony Marialuisa

Festa della Sensa

Gondolas queueing for the crane Diesona crew - Peter, Anna, Chris, Robin Erica Lucia Angelo Gino Gondolas Adrienne with Sior Tita Giovanni Caniato and Nicolo, Bettina Giovanni Maccanin Tiziano, Matteo, Marco, Erica Diesona crew The diesona in Canale di Mazzorbo Caorlinas in Canale di Mazzorbo Starting the journey back to the city Adrienne Robin Waiting to get into the Cannaregio Going home with a song

41st Vogalonga

Madonna dell' Orto setting out from Kent Launching at Lechlade Sir Giles floats Little Trouble

Mike and Flora Bicycle rack Breakfast with swan Silver Dawn Sir Giles The Whiffler Buscot lock The Whiffler In Radcot Lock Tea at Old Man's Footbridge Lunch at the Trout Lunch at the Trout Double trouble Mike and Flora Flora's spider - Microlinyphia pusilla

Newbridge Tony Serena Sir Giles In Pinkhill Lock Don't do this! Tony The Whiffler Silver Dawn Two skiffs and a gig King's Lock Tim was folded in three

On Rose Island The Whiffler The Whiffler Don't go in the ditch at Abingdon lock! Starting young The Whiffler The Whiffler The Whiffler Silver Dawn The Whiffler Robin Privett at Abingdon Kevin, Brian and Russell at the Fish At Day's Lock At Day's Lock

Richard At Day's Lock Leaving Day's Lock Day's lock [photo: Andy & Lynne, Lady Emma] Day's lock [photo: Andy & Lynne, Lady Emma] Madonna dell' Orto [photo: Andy & Lynne, Lady Emma] See you all next year! [photo: Mike Wilson]

Thames downstream row

Reunion of the usual suspects Flora came too Mixed pairs race Thames Punting Club Championships Piero solo in the gondolino Interval - a race between a punt and a gondola Second run having swapped boats Piero in a punt Congratulations after the rerun of the original race in 1926 Thames Punting Club Championships afternoon programme Womens race in best & best boats Juliet

A fine spread for lunch Brian Dawn and Brian Richard, Andy and Lynne Lunch in style

Thames downstream row reunion at Maidenhead


Voga alla Veneta








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