Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats

2001 and before

Mario With Andrew at Henley

December 2001, Henley-on-Thames

First time on the Medway First outing at Wateringbury

December: Wateringbury, River Medway

The boat loaded on the trailer at S Giuliano Gino and the boat ready to leave from S Giuliano Stop overnight with Claudia and Ben in Karlsruhe Arrived in Kent

September: Drive from Venice to UK

Watching the regata storica Carlo - Gruppo Tre Archi

September: Regata Storica

Paulo and Adie by the boathouses at the Macello Lucio, Paulo and Adie

Adrienne on the Grand Canal Robin in Rio Madonna dell Orto Adie and Oddo at the Mendicoli Oddo and Robin

September: we bought a puparin

The puparin

June: the search for a boat

Sylvana and Mario Locanda Cipriani Robin and Adie

May 2000, Venice to Burano with Mario and Sylvana

Robin and Oddo in the Grand Canal Oddo and Robin on the lagoon Robin rowing a la valesana

May 1997, Venezia


Voga alla Veneta








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