Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Lechlade, Vanessa

Breakfast at the Trout Boats at the Trout Mike and Derrick [Mike Wilson] Madonna dell'Orto Sir Giles Old Man's Bridge Madonna dell'Orto Sir Giles Three men in a boat Stop for tea ... ... tea on the river bank ... [Mike Wilson] ... and a swim Sir Giles [Mike Wilson] Madonna dell' Orto [Mike Wilson] Arrival at Tadpole Bridge [Tom Bown] Arrival at Tadpole Bridge [Tom Bown] Arrival at Tadpole Bridge [Tom Bown] Lack of lunch Sir Giles [Tom Bown] Newbridge The Rose Revived

Waking up ... ... to music from the river ... and mirror flat water

Dawn at Rose Island Richard Mike Gently down the stream [Mike Wilson] Abingdon Lunch at The Fish Day's Lock

Sir Giles Visitors Visitors Packing up

Thames downstream row

Mazzorbo in the rain [Nereo Zane] Murano [Antonio Piro] Ponte Tre Archi Canale di Cannaregio [Alessandro Ballarin] Marialuisa [Alessandro Ballarin] Adrienne [Alessandro Ballarin] Matteo [Alessandro Ballarin] Canal Grande [Alessandro Ballarin] Fondaco dei Turchi [Alessandro Ballarin] Pause Ponte de la Saponella Launch in the wet [Fotolonga 2013] The vigili del fuoco swim to the rescue [Fotolonga 2013] Blocked under Tre Archi bridge [Fotolonga 2013] Canal Grande, S Geremia [Franco Pierangelo] Canal Grande, S Marcuola [Franco Pierangelo] Canal Grande, Casinò [Franco Pierangelo]

The 39th Vogalonga

Sylvia, Sandro, Alessandro, Gino Marialuisa, Erica, Matteo, Adrienne, Marco ballotina [Alessandro Ballarin] caorlina [Alessandro Ballarin] Marialuisa, Erica [Alessandro Ballarin] San Marco [Alessandro Ballarin]

Festa della Sensa


Voga alla Veneta








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