Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Ashley Clarke [Anna Somers Cocks] Madonna dell Orto [Anna Somers Cocks] Ponte dei sospiri [Anna Somers Cocks] Giovanni and Robin Queens Silver Street Bridge

Cambridge - Venice in Peril

At Medway Yacht Club At Medway Yacht Club At Medway Yacht Club


Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Kent Messenger Group

Maidstone River Festival

Tonbridge Castle [Ian Hall] The Bishops Palace, Maidstone [Ian Hall] Allington Castle [Keith Thompson] Aylesford Priory Ruin of Bishops Palace, Halling Rochester Castle Rochester Cathedral Upnor Castle

Richard, Wendy and Richard Mario with Adrienne and Robin [Ian Hall] Tonbridge Castle [Hugh Ward-Perkins] Mario and Robin at Tonbridge [Ian Hall] The whole fleet at Tonbridge [Ian Hall] A conference of the powers [Richard Bailey] Robin, Alex, Sophie and guests Robin, Adrienne and Robin Leaving Teston Lock [Ian Hall] Harriet and Richard in Maud [Ian Hall] Anzolo Rafael [Ian Hall] Sitting and standing [Ian Hall] West Farleigh bridge [Ian Hall] Silhouettes [Ian Hall] The Bishops Palace, Maidstone [Ian Hall] Anzolo Rafael and Sior Checo [Ian Hall] Everyone at Maidstone [Ian Hall] Allington Castle [Keith Thompson] Passing the Dutch barges at Allington Ashley Clarke Aylesford Priory Ruin of Bishops Palace, Halling Photo courtesy of Kent Messenger Group Rochester Castle and Cathedral Medway Yacht Club seen from Upnor Castle

The Medway Raid

Tim at S Giuliano Paulo ferried us to Venice Tim and Mario Arrived at S Giuliano Hooked up Gino and Tim Arrived at Calais Arrived in Kent In the barn in Kent

Venice to London with mascareta and puparin

Elia's 10th birthday Marco Elia with Gemma and Emanuela

Cumpleanno di Elia

Passing Querini on the way to the start [Roger Blackburn] From the Accademia bridge [Claudia Procter] Before the start [Giacomo Bortoluzzi] Ponte Tre Archi [Paulo Marchiò] Nearly there... [Claudia Procter] ... passing under the Accademia bridge [Claudia Procter] ... in the Ganal Grande Going home past the Salute [Ray Falcione] Going home under the Accademia bridge [Ray Falcione] Self-satisfied smiles

29th Vogalonga, 25th May

Paulo and the mascareta With Sergio and Lucio at Gruppo Tre Archi Società Remiera Punta San Giobbe, near S Alvise; 8 clubs, racks for 160 boats The mascareta goes in the water Sergio and Elia First time out in the mascareta Adrienne in her own boat after Lady Clarkes party

In Venice for the vogalonga

City Barge [John Sykes] Procession [John Sykes] Anzolo Rafael [John Sykes] Adrienne and Robin [John Sykes] Concentration [John Sykes] Ashley Clarke [Roger Blackburn] Strong weather [Roger Blackburn] Sior Checo [Roger Blackburn] Nicolotta at Evesham [Ian Hall] We made it! Richard Bailey

The Stratford Raid on the River Avon with City Barge

A picnic on the Medway with Domi and Malcolm On the Rother at Rye On the Rother at Rye A picnic on the Beult with Karen and John On the river Beult at Yalding Near Teston Lock [Jenny Riley] Near Maidstone [Jenny Riley]

Rivers around Kent


Voga alla Veneta








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