Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Robin and Tim [Sylvia Wicks] Gondolino [Sylvia Wicks]


Adie Upnor castle Chatham dockyard

Autumn on the Medway

Adie Murano scuola di voga Aldo delivered to Arzanà Aldo and Tim George and Richard Tim and Penny

Venice: the return of Aldo

Ripon Motor Boat Club From the Ripon canal The group at Newby Hall Newby Hall Sylvia Miltby Cut Approaching York York

Yorkshire with City Barge

Maidstone with Sander Maidstone River Festival [Dee Robertson] Maidstone River Festival [Dee Robertson]

Maidstone River Festival

The lorry [Richard Bailey] Unloading [Richard Bailey] Joining it up [Richard Bailey] The veneta race The veneta race [Ian Hall] The disdotona going down to the start The disdotona [Sylvia Wicks] The disdotona The disdotona The disdotona [Ian Hall] Anzolo Rafael [Matteo] Alzaremi on the regatta course Setting out for Maidenhead The disdotona approaching Cookham lock Aldo [Robin Privett] Arrival [Anthony Holley] The mayor at the reception [Richard Bailey] At the reception [Richard Bailey] Aldo and the disdotona [Richard Bailey] The disdotona leaving Richmond [Sylvia Wicks] Near Syon House The disdotona from within Aldo at speed Lifting the disdotona out at Putney

The Querini visit, 1st-8th July

Going to mass At the Capitello Mass at the Capitello Adrienne with Sandro

Mass at the Capitello

Sandro A training outing with Franco and Sandro With Sandro in Rio de la Canonica With Sandro at Cà dell' Angelo Tre Archi [Claire Boon] Alzaremi [Paulo Marchiò] Alzaremi [Lucio Cristante] Alzaremi [Lucio Cristante] Cannaregio [Paulo Marchiò] Cannaregio [Giacomo Bortoluzzi] Ponte delle Guglie [Paulo Marchiò]

30th vogalonga, Sunday 30th May

Boats at Evesham Chadbury Lock Mario and Andrew at Eckington Sluice Mario and Andrew Sior Checo on the Avon [Ian Hall] Robin [Ian Hall] Richard and Robin on the Severn [Ian Hall] Robin and Ian [Ian Hall] Arriving at Upton-on-Severn [Ian Hall]

The Evesham Raid on the Avon and Severn with City Barge

Saturday morning on the Isis Sior Checo Ashley Clarke Robin Privett in the punt City Barge AGM

Winter at Oxford

Robin and Adie Madonna dell Orto at Allington Robin

Maidstone in January


Voga alla Veneta








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