Anzolo Rafael, Madonna dell'Orto and other Venetian boats


Oars for an arch [Richard Bailey] Best smiles [Richard Bailey] The happy pair [Richard Bailey] The procession ... [Richard Bailey] ... on the lake ... [Richard Bailey] ... with Allegra and Serena [Richard Bailey] Magic on the lake (Clive Halls) Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace, Rupert and Victoria

Poster [Richard Bailey] On the ferry to Calais [Richard Bailey] Entrance of 14 gondolas [Richard Bailey] Tirza & Richard [Richard Bailey] Robin advancing to a pole [Richard Bailey] Watching the show from the poles [Richard Bailey]

Les Fêtes Venitiennes, Versailles

Drove the boats to Lechade ... ... and launched at the slipway behind The Trout Inn

St John's Lock Early morning row up to the Round House ... ... and the junction of the River Coln (right) Lechlade across the meadows Joined by Vikkie, Kit and Andy Grafton Lock Radcot Lock Tea at Old Man's Bridge Tea at Old Man's Bridge Tea at Old Man's Bridge Rushey Lock Rushey Lock Approaching Tadpole Bridge The Trout Inn, Tadpole Bridge Joy of lunch Shifford Lock Roger and David, Louisa in Shifford Lock Kit learns to steer [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Arriving at Newbridge Camp at Newbridge Roger and David recover Louisa Richard Morning bath ... ... in ... ... the river

One of Kit's fishes Newbridge Departure from Newbridge Sir Giles Piero and Robin [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Northmoor Lock Stopping for tea Rose island Camp on Rose Island Pizza al fresco

Sandford Lock Sandford Lock Tea at Abingdon Lock The Fish, Sutton Courtenay [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] I want to be a gondolier Camp at Day's Lock - the trousers The Whittenham Clumps

The swan considers ... ... investigates ... ... decides against Juliet arrives for breakfast Andy at Benson Cruiser Station Madonna dell' Orto Madonna dell' Orto Wallingford Picnic lunch at Moulsford Whitchurch Lock Mike's bathe at Pangbourne Meadow Father Thames

Mike strikes the last tent at Pangbourne Meadow Goose patrol Pangbourne Meadow [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Leaving Pangbourne Above Mapledurham Lock Below Mapledurham Lock Below Mapledurham Lock Richard, Derrick and Mike in Sir Giles [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Mario, Kit and Robin [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Stop for tea at Reading Festival Meadow Tea at Reading Festival Meadow The Bull Inn, Sonning [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Sonning Bridge [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Riverside railway Mario and Robin at Henley [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Hambleden weir [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Landing at Hambleden Mill Marina [Andy, Vikkie, Kit] Met by Anne and Jessica with prosecco at Hambleden Mill Marina Andy and Derrick Mike and Flora Anne, Jessica, Derrick, Mike and Flora Vikkie, Kit, Andy, Robin, Mike, Richard, Derrick, Mario Getting ready to go home

Thames downstream row

Assembling for the start A and Veniero Gino, Alessandro, Marialuisa, Andrea Ready (Alessandro Ballarin) The disdotona at S Erasmo Canale di Mazzorbo La Quatordesona, Mestrina Tre Archi Nearing Murano Penny and friends Ponte Tre Archi Support from the bank Rio di Cannaregio Rio di Cannaregio [Sandro Berti] Rio di Cannaregio [Sandro Berti] Rio di Cannaregio [Sandro Berti] Rio di Cannaregio [Sandro Berti] Rio di Cannaregio [Sandro Berti] Ponte delle Guglie Ponte di Rialto Cà Foscari and the Grand Canal The final kilometre, La Salute The finish S Marco La Salute Veniero Veniero

37th Vogalonga

Matteo Gruppo Tre Archi Gruppo Tre Archi Gruppo Tre Archi Gruppo Tre Archi Gruppo Tre Archi La Serenissima Il corteo La Serenissima La ceremonia Il sposalizio di Venezia con il mare La disdotona La Serenissima returns empty Matteo La voga all' anglo-italiano Ritorno al cantiere Adrienne, Erica, Matteo

Regata della Sensa Approaching the buoy First turn Regata della Sensa Regata della Sensa Spectators at San Nicolo del Lido Regata della Sensa Winners Also ran

Festa della Sensa

The Dream at Tyringham The Dream afloat Side by side, The Dream and Rosanna

The Dream, Marie Corelli's two-thirds size gondola

Leaving Oxford (AMM) Leaving Oxford (AMM) Hang on! Alla valesana Madonna dell' Orto [Dean Bailey] Serena [Chris Giles] Madonna dell Orto [Chris Giles] Regalo Regalo Ok, where next? Regalo - pause for breath Mario Madonna dell Orto [Mike Allam] Allegra [Mike Allam] Roger entering Dukes Cut Richard and Juliet rejoining the Thames from Dukes Cut Back to the Thames Back to the Thames Entering Oxford

The Oxford Canal

Coffee stop on the river Cherwell [John Sykes]

River Cherwell


Voga alla Veneta








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